Arowana Fish For Sale

These are the various types of Arowana fishes we have in stock. They are of various exportable sizes and we guarantee life delivery. Select from the list and click on the order link below to get to us.

Premium Blue-base Arowana

The Premium bluebase are so classic and beautiful. their sizes ranges from 5-14Inches long and can grow up to 35 inches in feature. the all come with cites permit and are micro chip

Grade A’ Red Jardini Arowana

Red Jardini Arowana fish freshwater fish is is amazing this fish is wild and grow up very fast they are very playful in water they can be with any other arowana fish without fighting (Very Friendly together ). They can grow up to 90 centimeters (35 inches). You will find some species eat different foods than others. The Jardini doesn’t get as large as some other species making it very popular in the aquarium industry. All comes with cites

Snow White Arowana

Best of Quality . So easy to maintain and take care of. sizes ranges from 6-15 inches .. Due to its Hybrid origin, it is a rather exotic variant as it will exhibit the color White possesses even better color, scale and splendid body.

Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana

Violet Fusion Super Red-Small.jpg The Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana for sale is a special category of Super Red Arowana that exhibit a purple base core in their scales and superior overall body shape. Its tail tends to be larger and possess longer pectoral fins which enable it to swim gracefully with majestic style.

Cross Back Golden Arowana

The Golden CrossBack Arowana is a variant produced by cross breeding of Cross Back Golden Arowana and Red Arowana. Due to its Hybrid origin, it is a rather exotic variant as it will exhibit the color characteristics of both the Red Arowana and Cross Back Golden Arowana. Super Grade possesses even better color, scale and Beautiful Body.

24k Golden Arowana for sale

Golden Arowana for sale has large, wing-like pectoral fins. Except for duller coloration and smaller scale size, they are very similar to the Asian arowana for sale. It grows to a length of about 90 centimeters (35 inches). Its maximum weight is recorded as 17.2 kg (38 lb.), but is has been stated that it has been known to weigh as much as 27 kg (59 lb). With its amazing quality, its the perfect ideal for a good tank. All comes with Cites Permit Documents

Red Tail Gold Arowana for sale

The Red Tail Gold Arowana is a natural color strain. It has scale base color ranging from blue, green or gold with a gold rim on the outer edge of each scale. The gold rims on the scales reaches only up to its 4 th row of scales. The 6 th row of scales which is at the back when viewing from the top is usually dark color with no glittering.

Chilli Red Arowana For Sale

All Chilli Red Arowana are natural color variants that originated from the Kapuas River System in Kalimantan. Along the Kapuas River, there are pockets of Super Red Arowana populations that look slightly different from other populations and thus, named under different types of Super Red Arowana.

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